Dynamics CRM 2011: New Features Part 1

Dynamics CRM is full of many valuable new features. Here are a list of just a few. More details on these will follow soon!

  • Dashboards: Personalizable and Navigatable

  • Outlook client is now a full outlook application (not a plug-in)

  • Custom activity types

  • Goals and Goal Tracking

  • Ability to add charts and grid views directly to forms

  • Role based forms

  • Field level security

  • Dialogs – Scripting for data entry (think call center scripts, lead qualification scripts, etc.)

  • Full out of the box integration with SharePoint 2010

So many improvements and new features, it is impossible to get it all into one entry. But in the coming weeks and months, I will be enumerating additional features and drilling down into specific features to give you more details. But make no mistake, this release is a game changer…and it takes what most have called the best Outlook Experience on the market and completely blows it away.

More to come…