Error: Could not load file or assembly after installing Scribe .dll files for a Hot Fix.

After installing new .dll files from Scribe to solve another issue we received the following error when trying to add a Scribe CRM 2011 publisher:


Turns out that the operating system was blocking the .dll files. 

We are running Scribe 7.0.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit.  Scribe had sent us a zip files with some new .dll files.  We unzipped them and put them in the Scribe program folders according to Scribe’s instructions.  When we opened the Scribe Console add tried to add the Publisher that uses the new .dlls we received the error. 

The fix: right click on the new .dll files, go to Properties and “Unblock”.  Or, even easier, do the same to the original .zip file before you unzip.

Unblock FileUnblock File