How to Get the Microsoft CRM “Closed Activities” Nav Bar Link Back (If You Delete It)

How to Get the Microsoft CRM “Closed Activities” Nav Bar Link Back (If You Delete It)

I just found this great blog article on how to get your Closed Activities Nav Bar item back. Check it out:

In the article, the entity that they are working with is the Case Entity. In my situation, I needed to get the Closed Activities item back on my Account Entity. Here is how I did it:

  1. 1. I created a new solution in my problem organization called AccountTest and I put just the account entity into it. I then exported the solution to
  2. I repeated this process from another CRM organization that still had the Closed Activities Nav Bar on the Account Entity. This solution was called AccountOriginal. I exported it to
  3. I extracted the customization.xml file from, opened it and searched for the following xml tag: <NavBarByRelationshipItem
  4. I was able to quickly find the xml section dealing with Closed Activities. I copied it to a notepad and closed the xml file.
  5. I extracted the customization.xml file from and searched for the same xml tag as above. I pasted the xml snippet into this xml file. Then saved the xml file, deleted the original from the and then copied the new customization.xml file into the zip.
  6. I imported the back to my problem organization. And just like that, Closed Activities was BACK! Easy Pleasey.

This was so much simpler than I thought it would be. Thanks for the great article, TechNet!

Here is the xml snippet that I need for the Account Entity:

<NavBarByRelationshipItem RelationshipName=”Account_ActivityPointers” TitleResourceId=”Tab_Label_History” Icon=”/_imgs/ico_18_history.gif” ViewId=”21E2B905-6FDB-470d-8517-AD69B4C01268″ Sequence=”20″ Area=”Info”>


      <Privilege Entity=”” Privilege=”ReadActivity” />



      <Title LCID=”1033″ Text=”Closed Activities” />