Windows 8 is coming! The impact of Cloud, Office 365 and Dynamics ERP and CRM

What do you do when you are Microsoft, the 800 pound gorilla in the marketplace when both Google and Apple are taking your customers?  In 2007, Apple released the iPhone and subsequently in 2010, the iPad mobile devices.   Apple’s strategy is to have a single OS on all devices, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Google is no different.  Taking the lead from Apple, Google’s Android OS on the phone, tablet and now Chromebook is moving in that same direction.  However, Google is not as sophisticated in their marketing and positioning as Apple.  Complicating things further is that Google, unlike Apple, is not controlling the device like Apple.  

Now enter Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system.  Let’s take a look at what they are up against and look historically for answers to where they go.  For many years, Microsoft has struggled with devices like phones and tablets.  I have witnessed over the years my Microsoft buddies and their endless parade of Microsoft Look Alikes for iTunes, the iPhone and other devices.  However, there has always been the point in time where Microsoft knuckles down and gets “tough” with the competition.  One only needs to look at the original Windows desktop, Windows Server, SharePoint, Office and Dynamics ERP and CRM applications for proof points.  

So, when I read this article from Reuters, I saw a vision, strategy and implementation that will fit today and tomorrow’s computing needs.  What we see from the earliest public viewing of Windows 8 is that unified operating system in which users can easily switch between a PC, Tablet and Phone while having a single interface to work with.  Why is that important?

Well, consider that until today, these devices have been consumers of mostly public data:  Facebook, News and Music.  However, consider the corporate data that is yet to be delivered to these devices.  Business Intelligence, mobile CRM, mobile approvals and workflow have all been in their infancy for many years.  They have been the proverbial “idea whose time has come”.  However, the form factor of the phone, the OS of the tablet and the cumbersome nature of having a laptop for every field service rep, for example, has been an issue.

I personally believe that we are seeing the dawn of new business apps which will bring true productivity, anywhere, anytime due to Cloud Computing and other technologies.  Combine the Cloud, Office 365 and Windows 8 and we will see the real productivity we have hoped for.

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