The Best Computer You Should Buy to Run Dynamics GP

As a software professional, I often get asked questions about computer hardware.  Spending most of my career in the accounting software industry and being part of the team that designed and developed the product we now know as Microsoft Dynamics GP, I am commonly asked:





“What computer should I buy for my business?”

 For years, the unfortunate answer to this question involved a long list of hardware specifications which were difficult for most business professionals to understand and successfully purchase. Furthermore, if we were talking about a new server (or multiple servers) for an accounting system, the answer was even more complex.

 Fortunately, there is a better way to deal with this business challenge. One that every professional can understand:

 Buy any computer you want!

 I can assure you that accounting software solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, are built upon extremely complex technology and have significant hardware requirements. Successfully operating a system such as this not only requires management of the hardware, but also management of the software, backups, updates, servers, and workstations on a regular basis. To be direct, this level of technology is too complex for most businesses to manage.

 So you are probably now wondering how I can say “Buy any computer you want!”  The solution is:

 Move your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution online or “to the cloud”

 For people that do not live in the computer technology industry, you see commercials and ads describing Microsoft Azure, talking about the cloud, and promoting online business management systems; and it seem overwhelming. They love to talk about big businesses that are saving money and doing amazing things online, and that is true, but the reality is that it is much easier to do than you think, and it is definitely an option for all sizes of businesses today.

 Whether your business is new to Microsoft Dynamics GP or you have been using it for years, you can move your accounting solution online and remove your staff from the task of managing computers. This allows you and your team to focus on your business and those items which make you successful. Once your solution is up and running online, you simply need an internet connection and any modern computer to use Microsoft Dynamics GP and then you too will be running your business “in the cloud” just like those large businesses in the ads.

 At Njevity, we move customers “to the cloud” every day. We have an amazing team of professionals who can help you take advantage of having your business solutions online, so that all of the complex hardware and software management is handled by our team. That way, the next time you need to buy a computer you can simply buy any computer you want.