Common RDP Problems

If your entire workflow happens on a remote desktop, having problems with missing features or even not being able to connect to the RDP server can bring that workflow to a screeching halt. Here are a couple common problems and suggestions on how to resolve them.

Logon Attempt Failed: If you are unable to connect and the RDP window says “logon attempt failed” at the bottom, it is because the username or password used are incorrect. This occurs more often when the RDP file has credentials saved and the password has recently changed. If the credentials are saved, you can simply right click and edit the RDP link file and then delete the stored credentials. It will then ask you to enter new credentials when you try to connect again.

















Printer Issues: Another common problem with RDP connections is the printers from your local computer not appearing on the remote desktop session or your print jobs are not printing. This often occurs due to one of two things: either the printer’s driver needs to be explicitly loaded on the RDP server, or the printer redirection is not enabled in the RDP connection file. To resolve the printer not redirecting, simply right click and edit the RDP file, select the Local Resources tab, and verify that Printers is checked. If the printer is not printer your jobs, contact your system administrator to have the printer drivers for that printer loaded on the remote server. Be sure the save the file from the general tab after making changes.




















Display Size: When connecting to a remote server, the display settings are controlled by the file used. If the remote session window size is either too small or too large, you can simply edit the file just like above and go the display settings to set the display size. Checking the box Use all my monitors for the remote session will cause the session to span across multiple monitors. As with the above, make sure you save the file after modifying the configuration options.



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