Brooke Webb Smith Memorial Fund

One of the great things about the Dynamics GP Community is our passion.  Whether you are in sales, consulting, marketing – it doesn’t matter.  We all show the love we have for the product, the community, the customers and each other.

Those not in this community have a hard time understanding that we are like family.  Many of us spend time together outside of work, we know about each other’s kids, significant others, and many times we share bonds that go even deeper.  I personally have a few in the community that understand personal struggles, family issues, personal celebrations, etc.

Our Community lost one of these passionate family members.  For Njevity, and me personally,  it hit hard.  She was first and foremost a friend, one that we could share personal struggles and celebrations with, someone that I think of daily.  She will forever be someone that I miss.

Brooke Webb Smith was very likely the most passionate person I have met.  It went well beyond her passion and talent for marketing.  She loved music, she loved flowers, she loved all things beautiful – and got me into expensive purses ????.  Most of all she loved her husband, her boys, her friends and this community.

We want to help keep that passion alive.  Njevity is supporting the Brooke Webb Smith Memorial Fund.  We are doing this to honor a beautiful soul that has left too early.  But also, to encourage those that have that same fiery passion for marketing that she did.  And we are asking for your support in this Memorial Fund as well.

Please join Njevity and help support the Brook Webb Smith Memorial Fund

We would love to have the entire community get behind this effort and support the Brooke Webb Smith Memorial Fund.  Let’s show the world that we are #IAmDynGP strong!