True Cloud VS Hosted Cloud: And the Third Option that Offers It All

So, you want to go to the cloud with your ERP or accounting system? Great! Here's a quick tip - the first question to ask is: What type of Cloud do you need? When you start searching for cloud solutions, the terminology can get confusing quickly with SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, True Cloud, Fake Cloud, real cloud, hosting, Azure, AWS, and the list goes on... So, let's dig deeper to help with clarity. First, it's important to note that when moving your ERP or Accounting system to the Cloud, it’s best if you can stay on the current system you use. It’s a big lift to move to the Cloud and replace a system you already use unless you are having significant issues getting in your way, because learning an entirely new system and shifting your processes to fit it will be a lengthy and costly project. So, keep that in mind.  To help answer [...]

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Transitioning to using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

Original post written by Belinda Allen, Microsoft MVP.  Those of you who know me know that I’ve been in the GP Community since DOS days. Like many Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and customers, I tended over the years to stay in the “On-Prem” world.Those of you who know me know that I’ve been in the GP Community since DOS days.  Like many Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and customers, I tended over the years to stay in the “On-Prem” world.“On-Prem” refers to using an application (Like Microsoft Dynamics GP) installed locally on your machine, even if (and it usually is) the data is stored an another machine or server.  This is also called a Rich Client or a Fat Client. Several versions ago, Microsoft introduced a method of working in GP that did not require the application to be installed locally, rather users would access the data (on a server) via Internet Explorer [...]

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Make Your Life Easier Using the Snipping Tool

Can’t read that? Welcome to the world of problems that shouldn’t exist anymore in the 2100 century! It sounds simple, but just to be safe I’ll tell you how to make your – and our life easier.Whenever you have an IT problem of any kind, you often will be asked to take a screenshot of the error or the problem you are seeing on your screen. We have received pictures taken from a Smartphone, tiny screenshots of 3 displays linked together and of course the general question how to do that…The answer is short and very simple: Snipping Tool                        Just click on your Windows start button or press the Windows flag on your keyboard and start typing “Snipping Tool”.This tool lets you capture a specified area as an image. Simply click on “New” and mark the message or error you want to save as an image. Once you’ve done that, you [...]

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Common RDP Problems

If your entire workflow happens on a remote desktop, having problems with missing features or even not being able to connect to the RDP server can bring that workflow to a screeching halt. Here are a couple common problems and suggestions on how to resolve them.Logon Attempt Failed: If you are unable to connect and the RDP window says “logon attempt failed” at the bottom, it is because the username or password used are incorrect. This occurs more often when the RDP file has credentials saved and the password has recently changed. If the credentials are saved, you can simply right click and edit the RDP link file and then delete the stored credentials. It will then ask you to enter new credentials when you try to connect again.                Printer Issues: Another common problem with RDP connections is the printers from your local computer not appearing on the remote desktop session [...]

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The Best Computer You Should Buy to Run Dynamics GP

As a software professional, I often get asked questions about computer hardware.  Spending most of my career in the accounting software industry and being part of the team that designed and developed the product we now know as Microsoft Dynamics GP, I am commonly asked:    “What computer should I buy for my business?” For years, the unfortunate answer to this question involved a long list of hardware specifications which were difficult for most business professionals to understand and successfully purchase. Furthermore, if we were talking about a new server (or multiple servers) for an accounting system, the answer was even more complex. Fortunately, there is a better way to deal with this business challenge. One that every professional can understand: Buy any computer you want! I can assure you that accounting software solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, are built upon extremely complex technology and have significant hardware requirements. Successfully operating a system such as [...]

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Disable / Turn off UAC on Server 2012

While User Access Control can protect our servers from malicious attacks on Server 2012 it is a pain. Setting UAC to Never Notify does not turn it off. The following link explains how: Set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionpoliciessystem EnableLUA value = 0

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A Window is Not Visible: How to Move Off-Screen Windows Back into View

Every once-in-a-while we receive a call from a client who launched an application, but the application didn't show up on their screen. They confirmed in the taskbar that the application was running. However, the window was not visible on their screen. If you use a secondary monitor, and/or if you operate within a remote desktop environment, you may have experienced this issue. When a secondary monitor is disconnected, or the display settings are altered, sometimes applications will still operate as if nothing had changed with the monitor or display. The window opens in an "imaginary" place off to the side, where that monitor used to be. Here are simple steps to move an off-screen window back to your screen: 1. Make sure the application is selected (choose it in the taskbar, or use the ALT-TAB keys to select it). 2. Type and hold down ALT-SPACE, then type M. (IMPORTANT NOTE: [...]

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Hypervisor Virtual Machine Vanished from host.

A Virtual Machine on one of our Hyper-Visor hosts vanished. It was no longer listed. When I opened the Fail-Over cluster management console to see if it had failed over to another node it was marked as a failed service. I checked the for the VM Configuration Files and the Virtual Hard Drives on the shared storage. All files existed. After a quick Google search I found several articles pointing to a corrupt configuration file. I opened the .xml file and sure enough a closing HTML tag was incomplete: After closing the Hyper-Visor Console and reopening it on the host I was able to see the VM and restart it. If the above doesn't work. Delete the virtual machine and recreate it. Here is how I do that: 1. Note the node that owns the virtual machine 2. In Fail-over Cluster Manager delete the resource. 3. On the Node that [...]

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News from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

I have the Microsoft WPC App installed in my Facebook. This morning, I eagerly poured a cup of coffee, got onto the app and began watching the Keynotes. Steve Ballmer spoke extensively about the new Surface tablet coming out soon. Then he turned over the presentation to Tami Reller -- VP at Microsoft. Tami and I worked together when I was at FRx Software and she was at Great Plains. She demonstrated the Windows 8 applications, OS and hardware. She announced that Windows 8 will release to manufacturing in August and on machines by end of October, 2012. She demonstrated many touchscreen machines and one that I liked a lot, the Lenovo Yoga -- a laptop that folds into a Tablet form factor. If you buy a Windows 7 PC today you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (she said 1499... I believe that would be $14.99 and [...]

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Still can’t decide which CRM solution provides the best value?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Making the decision on which CRM solution to implement can be challenging. Here is a list of some more key differentiators to help you get past the slick story tells. Dynamics CRM provides the best value and ROI and continues to dominate the CRM arena with over 2.25 million users worldwide. Here’s how: Power of Choice only offers an online deployment for their solution while Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to choose how you want to deploy. By choosing on premise, Microsoft hosted or partner hosted deployments, Dynamics CRM gives you the opportunity to choose which deployment best fits your business model. Plus if your needs change, you can change deployments to meet your changing business needs. Service Level Agreement Dynamics CRM Online and partner hosted deployments of Dynamics CRM guarantee uptime through a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Usually, this means a 99.9% [...]

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