CRM Blitz Day 1 – Catch the fever!

I think we can agree that Dynamics CRM is one of the most useful and dynamic tools on the market for sales, marketing and customer care. So what can Microsoft possibly do to make CRM better? After sitting through the CRM training blitz this morning about what’s new in the Dynamics CRM 2011 update, I will say it is exciting. Even though the CRM team is using the corny catch phrase, “catch the fever,” after going through the training “I got a fever, and the prescription is more cow bell…I mean CRM.” Ok, so maybe my Saturday Night Live reference does not directly apply but Microsoft has done a lot with this update and I am excited to see the doors that will be opened with the new feature set. There were four key trends that the Microsoft CRM team emphasized about the future of business and how the CRM [...]

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Is Cloud Computing the future? My sources say “yes!”

First impressions of the Cloud will snare your thoughts and shape your views about Cloud Computing. If you continually hear from your IT department that the Cloud is a fad and that data is not secure, moving forward, you will be not be open to learning more about it. However, if early on, you heard that the Cloud is the future and you took the time to learn more, the Cloud is not the monster that some make it out to be. I have already discussed in past blogs why some may not be as objective as you would think about Cloud Computing. I will not dwell on the issue but encourage those of you who have put the blinders on to learn more. Granted the Cloud may not be for everyone. However, chances are, it is a perfect fit for you. Isn’t it at least worth your time to [...]

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Acumatica 3.0 Review of Financials, Distribution and Project Accounting

Subtitled:  What I Do On WeekendsIt was a dark and stormy night.  Okay, it really was a dark and stormy day or two this weekend.  Having planned to take the popup camper out for a test run, my plans changed.  My wife was agreeable, so we both decided to do some things that we have been putting off.  My weekend project was to spend some quality time with Acumatica 3.0.  Yes, just me, a cup of coffee and my keyboard.  Here is what I have concluded from my weekend excursion.The Acumatica setup actually began last week with a botched attempt.  Before blaming Acumatica, I confess, it was my fault.  Having worked with ERP Software for 20 years now, my trepidation was that I would have a hard time undoing my damage.  So, I uninstalled Acumatica, deleted my databases and then reinstalled.  Much to my amazement, everything worked without fail!  Yay! [...]

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The future of Cloud Computing

If you give the Cloud a chance, you will clearly see the advantages of moving your entire business to a hosted, virtual environment. Even though, cloud computing has recently exploded and is gaining momentum, just like everything else that is new to the market; there is a user adoption curve stretched over the lifespan of the product or service. Thinking back to high school, do you remember Rogers Adoption Curve? Once a new product or service is introduced, very few (16%) are the innovator / early adopters. The majority of the population (68%) find themselves in the early / late majority and the last 16% are the laggards who will eventually adopt or never adopt for various reasons.                     The good news is, Cloud Computing is nothing new and we are approaching the early majority adoption stage. The bad news is, [...]

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State of the Technology Union

What is the state of the Technology Sector today?  With unemployment at 8.2 percent, what is the future for technology experts?  I am pleased to say that "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!"  (Reference to a favorite 80's song)As I was reading this BusinessWeek article, I thought this would be an interesting topic to address.  Although published in August of 2011, this article is even more applicable.  I believe that as an industry, we live and thrive when the sector as a whole is successful.  There is a great deal of competition in the Tech Sector, iCloud, Windows Azure, Google and Amazon's Cloud are all vying for customers who are interested in the Cloud.However, reflect back to just three years ago.  In 2009, the terminology of Cloud Computing was just catching on.  Now, a mere three years later, Cloud Computing is such a defacto term that even non-Tech people get [...]

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Technology Evolution and the future of Cloud Computing

I was recently involved in a conversation with a prospect and after discussing his needs to upgrade to a Cloud based ERP solution; we began talking about business processes 20-30 years ago. At the ripe old age of 28, obviously, I was stunned listening to the archaic methods and thinking about how slow business must have moved back then. His reply was, “yes, business did move slow, but, we were running around like little chipmunks trying to keep up.” I then began to consider how much has evolved and changed over those 20 years and all of the advancements in technology and software during that time. When you sit down and think about it, where will we be in another 20 years? I will be 48 saying things like, “back in my day, we had this thing called email, and it was how we communicated.” Or, “we used to have [...]

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IT Teams grow their Cloud Knowledgebase

This newsfeed came across my desk about an IT Team that had to grow their internal knowledge or Office 365 (BPOS as it was previously called). find it encouraging that IT Teams are taking the Cloud seriously, honing their skills and finding how to integrate in-house custom programs with the Cloud.  This is an encouraging sign for Cloud Computing as well, as it foretells of a significant rise in the level of IT knowledge which traditionally focused only on On Premise solutions.

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Is the Cloud right for my business?

Cloud Computing is an unavoidable topic for business professionals and there are so many different ways the Cloud can be interpreted. So what should you consider when deciding if the Cloud is right for your business? Cost Savings In the present economy, does your business need to save money? Of course it does! Good business practices demand maximizing cash flow no matter what the economy looks like. By not having to purchase hardware, software licenses, or paying maintenance and IT costs, Cloud Computing is a cost effective way to deploy the same apps you are currently using, no matter the size of your business. Scalability Purchasing software licenses means that no matter what happens with personnel within your business, you are always stuck with a set number of software licenses. This may not be a big issue if you need to add a license, however, what if you downsize or [...]

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The Cloud Office of Today

Okay, confession time:  this blog is late.  I usually publish my blogs on Friday’s and an endless number of things have gotten in my way.  However, the biggest thing that has gotten in my way is simply this:  Writer’s Block!  Oh yeah, good old Writer’s Block!  But then, recent events have brought me to thinking about the Cloud Office of today.  To quantify this, I am speaking of the physical office and how it can be fully deployed in the Cloud.  Is it reasonable to expect a Cloud solution to be fully deployable at your office?  My recent conclusions are:  yes.  It is recent that I have had the need to investigate some of the critical elements of a Cloud office that until now have been undefined.  The critical element missing has been an online phone system such as Lync Online.  So we begin there: In my quest for the [...]

Switching between on premise and cloud deployments

When you are considering ERP or CRM software, what factors do you weigh when thinking about deploying on premise or in the cloud? Do you like the flexibility of deploying in the Cloud with scalable users and fixed monthly billing? Are you more confident with the perceived security of deploying on premise? Who owns your data and how do you receive it back from a SaaS provider like NetSuite or if you decide to make a change to an on premise solution in the future? The question you should be asking yourself is, “why should I have to lock myself into an on premise or cloud deployment?” Consider solutions that offer flexibility to move back and forth between on premise or cloud deployments depending on the changing needs of your business or your preferences. Njevity offers this flexibility by giving you the power of choice to deploy on premise [...]

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