Side by Side Excel Spreadsheets on Multiple Monitors

When you open multiple Microsoft Word documents, you are able to put one on your main monitor and one on your secondary monitor to compare, copy and paste from one document to another. However, if you open multiple spreadsheets from Excel, you can't do the same thing! This has annoyed me since 2007 when Microsoft introduced the functionality in Word but not in Excel. Well, I found a way around it. Here is how. 1) Open your first Excel spreadsheet. Place it on the monitor you wish to work with it. 2) DO NOT open the second spreadsheet with the Excel program that is open. Instead, go to your Start Menu and open Excel from there. Then do a File >> Open and open your second spreadsheet. 3) Place the second spreadsheet on the monitor you wish to view the spreadsheet. As far as I can tell, since you're opening [...]

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Recover Deleted Active Directory Account

Have you ever deleted an Active Directory user in error? This recently happened to us. We were cleaning up our Microsoft Exchange environment as a preparation to migrating to Microsoft Online Services, part of the NjevityToGo offering. Somehow we managed to delete the account of our company's president. Not good. An Active Directory user account can control all aspects of a user’s computing life. The security for email, user folders and profile are all controlled from the Active Directory account. Almost immediately Chris could no longer connect to email.We could create a new account, give that account access to the old account’s data and migrate everything over but I've done something like that before. Years ago we migrated a client network from a workgroup environment to Active Directory. It was time consuming and laborious. Neither my boss nor I was looking forward to that process.Microsoft has a recovery process if [...]

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Have you Made a Referral this Week?

Remember a few days ago I suggested we could all help each other in these difficult economic times by just making an business referral for a product or service that you have been impressed with to a business associate. Well the Referral Week is almost over, so make a referral and then go to www.makeareferralweek.com and record your referral. Tell your friends, networks and colleagues on email and social networks to visit http://www.makeareferralweek.com and make a referral too. If you are on twitter, consider posting a tweet about your referral, something like: "I just made a referral during Make a Referral Week - the small biz stimulus package, hope you will too" I'm sure you'll think of something - thanks a bunch.

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Want a No Cost Way to Fight the Recession?

Wondering what you can do to fight this economic downturn? Some you can do today that that doesn't cost you anything? Well--- you can make a business referral to a friend or associate for a product or service you found of value. Here is a company that is actually making it a week long event! =========================================== Make A Referral Week I wanted to make sure you heard about Make A Referral Week, which is happening March 9-13, 2009. We all know the best leads come from referrals, right? By coming together as entrepreneurs, we can take charge and stimulate the economy on our own. The goal of Make A Referral Week is to generate 1000 referred leads to 1000 deserving small businesses, which could potentially blossom into millions of dollars in new business. Small businesses are the lifeblood and job-creating engine of the economy. No money is exchanging hands. No [...]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Windows Live ID

Here is a post from Jon White at http://blogs.javista.com/2009/02/23/windows-live-id-a-primer/ . Very helpful information about Windows Live ID/Windows Live Service/ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Windows Live ID is the authentication tool that is part of the Windows Live Service. With it you get free email, blog page, photo galleries, document storage, and more. Social networking tools such as Groups are also available. Groups allow you to invite people to participate in discussions, document sharing, events and calendars, and more. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uses the Windows Live ID ( WLID ) to authentication who the user is. You can also integrate the Windows Services with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. Integration with the Windows Live Service can enhance your CRM experience. Using the document storage service, Sky Drive, can allow you to share documents with other users and people not in your CRM system such as customers, business partners, and colleagues. [...]

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You Get What You Pay For

There is an urban legend about a barber that offered excellent services and charged $15 for a haircut. One day, a low cost competitor began advertising $5 haircuts. As a part of his marketing he included a large billboard by the store of the barber that offered excellent haircuts. The billboard read simply “Haircuts $5”. To the dismay of the barber offering excellent service, he began losing his clientele to the less expensive rival. His customers didn’t understand they weren’t getting the same quality for a lower price. Despite his efforts to educate them about what they were really getting they kept leaving to try to the other guy. The Siren’s call of low price was just too irresistible for many. Finally, the barber offering quality service decided to fight back. He created an advertising campaign complete with a billboard near his rival’s shop. The message was as simple as [...]

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The Secret to Success

I wanted to share something different today. One of the blogs I review is SalesBlogcast by Doyle Slayton. Although the emphasis and intended audience is sales people, his recent post with the 8 minute video from Honda is worth watching. That is especially true today when we get a daily dose of negativity and pessimism from the mass media. I have copied his post with a link to the post and the Honda video. ========================================= The Secret to Success Several years ago I read John Maxwell’s book, Failing Forward. Throughout the book, Maxwell explains, “The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.” Today, I want to share this video from Honda. You’ll hear great “one-liners” and ideas describing how failure leads to success. Which of these stories stands out to you the most? How does it apply to your life and your [...]

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