Turning the tables on your Life Insurance Sales "Friends"

So, it occurs to me that I am often accosted at social gatherings by “friends” of mine that sell life insurance (but if you happen to be a FaceBook friend of mine who sells insurance…I am certainly NOT talking about you! I just LOVE talking to you about this incredibly interesting topic!). It is usually an uncomfortable conversation that involves a bullet point list of the many and varied risks in life and how at any moment my light might be snuffed out. Then, of course, comes the pitch about how their company is so much better than any other (and most assuredly the company with whom I have my current LIFE policy) and that I just must must must meet them for breakfast/coffee/lunch/drinks/dinner etc to learn more. In the past I have tried (though perhaps not often succeeded) to politely inform them of my general disinterest as I have a policy that I am happy with, and even if I wasn’t, I really don’t feel like dealing with the paperwork and medical exams. I might even tell them that I KNOW I won’t qualify for their amazingly low rates because I have a traffic ticket or two and these seem to weigh much more heavily on my elevation to a higher rate plateau than does my family medical history (which I really don’t get). And then (FINALLY) they inevitably move on to find another “friend” to whom to pitch.

But now, armed with a new arrow in my quiver, instead of trying to find a way to duck the merciless advances of my Life Insurance Salesman friends, I can embrace their schtick, compliment them on what an amazing salesperson they are and wonder aloud how they ever manage all of the relationships and policies they have so successfully cultivated over the years. “Must be tough to be so successful”, I might pontificate with an air of amazement. And then, I can regale them with the endless benefits that the Dynamics CRM system with the Life Annuity Insurance Sales industry template would most certainly provide to the courageous…no, visionary, life insurance sales person who was so bold as to recognize the value of better managing their clients, households and policies. I mean, to never again miss the birthday of an important client’s ex-wife’s brother-in-law’s cousins sisters nephew…well, that would be priceless. But they…they can have it all for only $44 per agent per month with the NjevityToGo Dynamics CRM solution for Life Insurance Salespeople.

And that is such a small price to pay…after all, it is a risky world out there…their clients and prospects could get sold by another agent just like that (sound of thumbs snapping). They really owe it to their families to protect their livelihoods and their businesses with software to help increase sales and better serve their customers. Wait a second while I pull out a few graphs that illustrate how utterly foolish it would be to run a life insurance agency without CRM…or perhaps you would like to get together for breakfast/coffee/lunch/drinks/dinner and talk about this further?