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How to fix a transaction for a future date in Dynamics GP

It is easy to make a mistake when entering the date on a transaction.  If you don’t catch it the transaction will not post and will be stuck in batch recovery. Open the Fiscal period for the year that is on the transaction. (Administration>>Setup>>Company>>Fiscal Periods. Recover the batch and post the transaction. Once it has posted you can either void the transaction or enter a credit memo.  If you issue a credit memo just be sure the date is the same as the original transaction date. Close the Fiscal period.Re-enter the transaction with the correct date.If you are familiar with SQL once you have opened the Fiscal period you can also:Create a credit memo for the same amount as the invoice, with the same accounts, so that the GL will be offset. Set the posting date to the same posting date as the invoiceApply the credit memo to the invoice.  This will offset the original [...]

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After GP Company database restore: The selected company is not configured as a company of the current Microsoft Dynamics GP syst

After restoring a GP Company Database from another SQL server you may get the following error when trying to log into the restored company: "The selected company is not configured as a company of the current Microsoft Dynamics GP system database. You must resolve the database configuration to log in to the company" The following SQL scripts may resolve the issue. select CompanyDbId = c.CMPANYID ,DynamicsDbId = d.CMPANYID ,DynamicsDbName = d.INTERID ,DynamicsCompanyName = d.CMPNYNAM from sy00100 c left join dynamics..sy01500 d on d.interid = db_name() --update SY00100 set CMPANYID = (select CMPANYID from DYNAMICS..sy01500 where INTERID = db_name())

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HTML code displayed on the bottom of a navigation list pane instead of returning actual results. GP 2013 and GP 2015.

This has been an issue that Njevity has been struggling with on new GP 2013 and GP 2015 installs. The confusing part has been that it will occasionally go away. With a lot of help from Daryl Anderson at Microsoft we finally found a work around. First of all, the issue goes away as soon as an application is installed that drops a DLL file in the AddIn folder of the GP program files. For cases where there are no DLL files in the AddIns folder simply copy the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.BusinessIntelligence.Homepage.dll file from the root of the GP installation (example: c:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2013) to the AddIns sub-folder.

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Give users access to SSRS Report Builder

To create role assignments that grant access to Report Builder Start Report Manager. Click Site Settings. Click Security. If a role assignment already exists for the user or group for which you want to configure Report Builder access, click Edit. Otherwise, click New Role Assignment. In Group or user, enter a Windows domain user or group account in this format: . If you are using forms authentication or custom security, specify the user or group account in the format that is correct for your deployment. Select System User, and then click OK. Click Home. Click the Properties tab. Click the Security tab. If a role assignment already exists for the user or group for which you want to configure Report Builder access, click Edit. Otherwise, click New Role Assignment. In Group or user, enter a Windows domain user or group account in this format: . If you are using forms [...]

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Dynamics GP Excel Drillback. A connection Microsoft Dynamics GP could not be established. Be sure you are logged on to the appr

According to the following link : http://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2966672 If you're moving your Microsoft Dynamics GP databases and you use the drilldown functionality in the SQL Server Reporting Services or Excel integrated reports, you need to follow the steps below in order to update your server links so the drilldowns will continue to work after the server move: 1. Ensure that everyone has logged out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and close all instances of SQL Server Management Studio. 2. On a machine where Dynamics GP is installed click on Start, then point to All Programs. Then click to expand Microsoft Dynamics, then GP and click on Database Maintenance. 3. When the utility opens select or enter the SQL Server instance name where the Dynamics GP databases are stored. If you are logged in as a domain account with rights to this SQL Server instance you can select the Windows Trusted Authentication method. [...]

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GP 2013 and 2015 GP Web Services "Exception message: The security object does not exist"

After moving the GPWEBSECURITY database for GP Web Services and running a repair we received the following error opening the Security Console:"Exception message: The security object does not exist. Missing Key: 25cc1a21-2cc4-4b13-a1c8-eea186fb688a"Turns out we ran the wrong repair.  DO NOT run the repair from the GP Web Services Configuration Console.  Instead, launch the GP Setup.exe from the GP installation media.  This will detect the existing install and give you the option to repair.I used information from the following link and updated it for the new web services that does not run in IIS:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/943949To determine the scopes in the ADAM database, use the Authorization Manager (Azman.msc) Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in to browse the database. To do this, follow these steps:Click Start, click Run, type azman.msc, and then click OK.On the Action menu, click Open Authorization Store.Click Active Directory.In Windows Explorer, open the following folder:C:Program FilesMicrosoft DynamicsGPWebServicesWebServicesUse Notepad to open the [...]

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SSRS Report Builder "Application cannot be started, contact application vendor."

When trying to launch Report Builder you receive the error "Application cannot be started, contact application vendor." I did two things that seemed to of helpled. 1. Open SSMS and connect Server type "Reporting Services", Server name. Right Click the Server Name in Object Explorer and pick Properties. Under Advanced setting in the Reports section set the ReportBuilderLaunchURL to https://serverurl/ReportServer/Report/BuilderReportBuilder_3_0_0_0.appli.... 2. Create a Web.config file in the C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSRS11.instancenameReporting ServicesReportServerReportBuilder folder containing the following <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <configuration> <compilation tempDirectory="C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSRS11.instancenameReporting ServicesRSTempFiles"/> </system.web> </configuration>

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Management Reporter 2012 on GP 2015 Couldn't retrieve the list of available databases: The connection attempt failed.

While trying to configure Management Reporter 2012 on a brand new install of GP 2015 I received the following error: "Couldn't retrieve the list of available databases: The connection attempt failed." Configuration is SQL 2012 on Server 2012 R2, GP 2015 on Server 2012 R2. Solution: Install Dexterity Shared Components 12 from the install disc for GP2013 R2. I found the answer here: https://community.dynamics.com/gp/f/32/t/146554.aspx Thank you to Richard Markham.

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Grant Permissions for Manufacturing SmartLists

When using Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics GP (both GP 2010 and GP 2013), people not assigned to the POWERUSER role are unable to see Manufacturing SmartLists by default - even users who are assigned MFG ADMIN and MFG_INQUIRY roles. To grant permissions for these, you need to include them with a task. You can assign the permissions to whichever task you choose. I choose to assign different SmartLists to their matching inquiry task (INQ_MFG_XXX), in case custom roles are added for which there should be limited manufacturing permissions. To add SmartLists to a Security Task: 1. Open the Security Task Setup window (Administration >> Setup >> Security >> Security Tasks) 2. Choose the Task ID for which you would like to add SmartList permissions 3. Select Product: Smartlist, Type: SmartList Object, Series: SmartList Objects 4. Check the boxes next to the SmartLists you would like to include 5. Click Save [...]

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GP Manufacturing Accounting Flow: Component Transactions and MO Receipts

In GP Manufacturing, the accounting flow for inventory transactions involved in a Manufacturing Order can be tricky, because they don't all follow the same logic. Below is a summary of the accounting flow for some of the basic inventory transactions that take place during the Manufacturing process.Component Transaction Entry (Issue) Issues raw materials to production/WIP: -- Credits (decreases) the Inventory account -- Debits (increases) the WIP account To determine which inventory account to use, GP checks the Inventory account assigned to the Raw Material item. -- If this is present, it will use the account -- If it is blank, it will use the default posting inventory account To determine which WIP account to use, GP checks the WIP account assigned to the Finished Good item that is being produced: -- If the WIP account is present, it will use that account -- If the WIP account is left blank, it will [...]

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