Customers already HAVE the Intelligent Cloud for Dynamics GP!

Last week I was at GPUG Summit in Phoenix with almost 2,000 Dynamics GP Users. During the GP Opening Session, Microsoft showed the Intelligent Cloud for Dynamics GP. But here’s the problem: If you are a Dynamics GP Customer, you don’t need to buy ANYTHING to get the Intelligent Cloud…You already HAVE something BETTER! Let's break this down. Here is the Microsoft Pitch: If you own Dynamics GP, you can add the NEW Intelligent Cloud feature for $20 per named user per month. Then, you install an Azure Data Factory agent on your server and configure it to push your Dynamics GP data up to the Dynamics365 Business Central cloud. Then, you can use certain generic Business Central Power BI Dashboards and have the promise of to-be-developed AI predictions. Hmmm… sounds interesting. But, dig deeper and you will find a few key pot holes in this road to the cloud. [...]

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Cannot create ScribeInternal database

The Insight application installed without any issues. However, the ScribeInternal database could not be created after several attempts. We tried creating the database manually, assigning the sa user to the db_owner role, and then updating the existing db using the internaldb.exe. Browsing the server, we noticed the SQL Server master database were owned by a 'not sa' user. Running the sp_changedbowner procedure only returned an error, and even Microsoft support was at a loss to explain how this had happened or how to change it. We installed a new SQL instance on the same server and verified sa was the owner of all the master databases. On this instance, we were able to create the ScribeInternal database successfully.

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A Unique and Powerful Quality Management Solution!

If you're like most companies, your current quality management system is a cumbersome manual processes that involves a vast array of spreadsheets. You're constantly wrestling with how to collect the many types of data you need - and after that, how to organize the data so that it can be reviewed and communicated effectively. I recently saw a demonstration of a simple, yet powerful solution to the complexities of quality management - and I was really impressed! The software is called Quality Essentials Suite. Things that really stood out to me about this solution: • The interface is extremely user-friendly, and is designed with tablets in mind. • It has the ability to handle multiple types of test data (numbers, Boolean, date and time, pre-defined lists, text, document paths) • Standard documentation and forms are easily created, and just as easily recalled as historical records • Test data can be [...]

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The Cloud Office of Today

Okay, confession time:  this blog is late.  I usually publish my blogs on Friday’s and an endless number of things have gotten in my way.  However, the biggest thing that has gotten in my way is simply this:  Writer’s Block!  Oh yeah, good old Writer’s Block!  But then, recent events have brought me to thinking about the Cloud Office of today.  To quantify this, I am speaking of the physical office and how it can be fully deployed in the Cloud.  Is it reasonable to expect a Cloud solution to be fully deployable at your office?  My recent conclusions are:  yes.  It is recent that I have had the need to investigate some of the critical elements of a Cloud office that until now have been undefined.  The critical element missing has been an online phone system such as Lync Online.  So we begin there: In my quest for the [...]

Error 52 Bad file name or number performing Mail Merge in CRM with Microsoft Word

Have you ever googled or bing'ed an error and notice that everyone is missing the boat? Well, that happened recently while doing a mail merge of CRM Contacts with Microsoft Word. Here's the setup: Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Internet Facing Deployment with a view that was setup to e-mail newsletters Using Microsoft Internet Explorer v 8.0 Using Microsoft Word 2010 The process: Selected the records/view to mail merge to Clicked on the mail merge button Microsoft Word opened and when I went to step through the Wizard, it gave me the error: Error 52 Bad file name or number The Rabbit Hole: Upon searching for a solution, I kept finding articles about how it worked before but now it doesn't. Further, I found solutions that led a person to believe it was an authentication issue. The REAL Solution: It was very simple. It struck me that on my Windows 7 [...]

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The Financial Case for The Cloud

In this blog entry, I want to take on the financial case for moving your business to the Cloud. First, let's discuss what the Cloud is and what it isn't in the context of business applications. According to NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) “Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is composed of five essential characteristics, three service models, and four deployment models.” NIST further defines that there are 5 Characteristics 1) On-Demand Self Service 2) Broad Network Access 3) Resource Pooling 4) Rapid Elasticity 5) Measured Service The Cloud, for purposes of ERP and CRM applications, will be discussed in the context of Software as a Service [...]

Creating a view of CRM Data in Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Suppose that you have two servers (CRM and GP) that are physically different servers with named instances. You have data in your CRM server that you want to expose through the GP server. In order to do this, I did some research that I found very interesting and very successful. My goal in this process was to pull into a view, specific information from the Orders in CRM. The information, however, is stored in the Extension of Orders (meaning customized fields). *** WARNING! *** DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF YOUR IT DEPARTMENT! Further, you assume all liability regarding the impact of the following recommendations. Step 1 is to turn on the ability to do Ad Hoc Queries on the CRM server (Target Server). Execute the following commands against the Master database on the CRM (Target) server. sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1; GO RECONFIGURE; GO sp_configure 'Ad Hoc Distributed [...]

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Publishing ERP (Dynamics GP) Reports using Microsoft CRM

We have a client who licenses both Dynamics GP and CRM through our NjevityToGo environment. They have CRM users who do not use Dynamics GP. They only have a CRM license. However, pledges and donations will be entered into Dynamics GP. The CRM users need to see the donations and pledges as entered into line items on a Sales Order. So, I created a nifty view that pulls the information I need from GP and created an SRS Report to summarize the info. All's well, except for when I went to deploy the reports. Now, how am I going to put this in CRM and connect it to GP? Here is what I did: 1) Created the view and the report (using SRS). Note: the view is in the GP database. 2) Logged into CRM and uploaded the reports. Note, I did not tie the report to any entities like [...]

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Error: Could not load file or assembly after installing Scribe .dll files for a Hot Fix.

After installing new .dll files from Scribe to solve another issue we received the following error when trying to add a Scribe CRM 2011 publisher: ScribeCRM2011PubError Turns out that the operating system was blocking the .dll files.  We are running Scribe 7.0.2 on Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit.  Scribe had sent us a zip files with some new .dll files.  We unzipped them and put them in the Scribe program folders according to Scribe's instructions.  When we opened the Scribe Console add tried to add the Publisher that uses the new .dlls we received the error.  The fix: right click on the new .dll files, go to Properties and "Unblock".  Or, even easier, do the same to the original .zip file before you unzip. Unblock File

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Connecting Scribe Insight to CRM 2011 Online

To connect Scribe Insight with CRM 2011 Online, you should first make sure that you are running the latest version of Scribe Insight (7.0.2) and the Dynamics CRM Adapter (4.4). Within the Scribe Workbench: click on either the Configure Source or Configure Steps button. From the Configuration window, click the Connections button to define a new connection. In the Connection Manager window, click the Add button to add a new connection. In the Add Connection Window, expand Adapters and select Microsoft Dynamics CRM and click OK. On the Login - Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enter the following information: Version: 4.0 Authentication: Windows Live ID (Passport) Server URL: Enter your CRM Online URL. For example: Organization: Enter your Organization Unique Name. You can find this within CRM 2011 Online by following this path: Settings >> Customization >> Developer Resources. User: a Valid CRM 2011 Online user. You should be able [...]

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